DSE has launched two new online courses, offering practical support to families to help their child's speech, language and reading development at home. The courses are easily accessible online and include access to DSE staff for additional advice and individual guidance.

Down Syndrome Education International has launched two new online courses to help families support the learning and development for children and young people with Down syndrome at home. The first course focuses on speech, language and communication skills. The second course focuses on teaching reading.

Developed, and supported by, Professor Sue Buckley, the courses offer practical, evidence-based strategies and step-by-step guidance to help parents implement successful interventions at home.

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A parent's guide to speech, language and communication for children with Down syndrome

This online course is designed to help parents support the development of speech, language and communication skills for people with Down syndrome from birth to adult life. It includes an introduction to speech and language development for children and young people with Down syndrome, and the four practical modules on teaching vocabulary, teaching phrases and sentences, developing listening and speech production skills, and developing communication skills. The course offers guidance covering development from the first months of life to early adult years and considers the needs of those who are most delayed.

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A parent's guide to teaching reading to children and young people with Down syndrome

This course aims to give parents the information and confidence they need to support development of reading skills in children and young people with Down syndrome. It includes an introduction to reading development and interventions, and then four practical modules on teaching sight words, using books to teach reading, teaching letter sounds and phonics, and improving reading comprehension. The course sets out the principles for teaching reading which can be applied from 3 years of age, through school years and in early adult years.

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