Down Syndrome Research Forum

The Down Syndrome Research Forum is a regular international event where researchers and practitioners meet to discuss current research, recent findings and implications for practice.

The forum is usually well attended by researchers in the field and can be especially helpful for postgraduate students to share work in progress and seek support and advice from others working or interested in Down syndrome research. Specifically, we encourage students to give short presentations of their work even if they are only in the planning stage and provide opportunities for students to discuss their study plans with experts in the field.


Presentations are accepted on a variety of topics relevant to understanding and improving the lives of people with Down syndrome. Usually the focus is on development and education but we also welcome papers on health issues relevant to development, family issues and adult issues. Presentations on methodology, translating research to practice, interventions and case studies are also welcome.


Researchers and postgraduate students from throughout the UK, Europe, and elsewhere are invited to attend. We also encourage contributions from education and healthcare professionals working with people with Down Syndrome. We also welcome parents of children with Down syndrome and others with an interest in the detail of current research.

A photograph of a girl with Down syndrome reading a book

Down Syndrome Research Forum 2020

We have cancelled the planned Down Syndrome Research Forum that was planned to be hosted at the University of Manchester, UK in September 2020.

We are exploring options to host an online Down Syndrome Research Forum later in 2020 or early in 2021.

Please check back for updates.


The forum is held over two days. We provide buffet lunches, teas and coffees, and there is a modest fee charged to cover the cost of this. Unfortunately, we are unable to contribute to attendees' travel or accommodation costs. An informal dinner is organised during evening following the first day and is usually a popular and valuable part of the meeting.