We have launched a new community website, where families, professionals and researchers can chat, share and collaborate with us and each other. Sign up for free and join in the conversation.

We are pleased to announce the launch of DSE Community, our new community website. We hope this will offer a forum for families, professionals and researchers to share and discuss topics of interest and relevant to early intervention and education for children and young people with Down syndrome. DSE staff will also be on hand to respond to questions about DSE resources and research.

We have offered groups on Facebook for some years. However, many professionals tell us they are unable to access groups on Facebook due to restrictions in schools and other institutions. Also, an increasing number of people are choosing not to use social media, while many others choose to use social media channels other than Facebook. To better serve all of our clients, we will therefore be transitioning our Facebook groups to our new community website.

To post on DSE Community, you will need a DSE Client Id. If you do not have one, you can easily set one up for free.

To get started

  • Visit the DSE Community website. You can browse public topics without registering, but to post or reply to a topic you will need to register with a DSE Client Id.

  • If you do have a DSE Client Id, click on “Log In” and sign in using your DSE Client Id password. You will then be able to setup your profile.

  • If you do not have a DSE Client Id, click on “Sign Up”. When presented with the sign in option, click “Sign up now” and follow the instructions to register. When you have registered and confirmed your email address, you can return to the DSE Community website and click on “Log In” as above.

Introduce yourself and join the conversation

When you have registered and signed in you can setup your profile and preferences. You will also be able to contribute to conversations.

We look forward to meeting you!