Early intervention in Kenya

Early intervention in Kenya

Panesar. (2003) Early intervention in Kenya. Down Syndrome News and Update, 3(3), 82-82. doi:10.3104/dsupdate.236

Circle Academy is an early intervention center based in Nairobi, which supports children with special educational needs from two and a half years right through to ten years of age. Although we are well resourced for children with Down syndrome (thanks to the Down Syndrome Issues and Information books), we are also supporting children with cerebral palsy and microcephaly. We are staffed by a team of well-experienced professionals that include a special needs teacher, class assistants, a physiotherapist, a speech and language therapist and a music teacher.

We have developed a learning program that is suitable to variation in learning styles, interests and experience of our children. In addition we provide support in the form of special aids and equipment. In those pupils with specific impairments that influence their access to general learning opportunities, additional educational aims are incorporated into their curriculum.

As far as possible we try to integrate these special aims into mainstream learning experiences. The children's progress is facilitated through careful consideration of the level of the tasks, the presentation and balance of activities and degree and style of assistance provided.

Social functions include games and sports challenges, music and dance performances, visits to relevant exhibitions, animal parks, shopping malls and other places of interest.

At Circle Academy the interrelationships between children's learning achievement and their social and personal development are very positive because the children are valued and are secure. They trust the teachers, who absolutely love and understand them, in return for the unconditional love that our children shower upon us.