Teacher's Handbook and other resources

A Teacher's Handbook, including video training materials, example teaching materials and assessment tools, is available to support the use of the Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI).

To support the use of RLI with children with Down syndrome, DSE is publishing a Teacher's Handbook. Together with two DVDs illustrating teaching techniques and a CD of resources, the handbook offers teachers and teaching assistants detailed guidance, assessment tools and example teaching materials.

The handbook

The handbook provides the information and guidance needed to implement the intervention. It also includes example language teaching session plans and materials, and resources and assessment tools. Additional teaching materials will also be required (e.g. early reading books) many of which will be readily available in most classrooms.

The handbook is accompanied by two DVDs illustrating many of the teaching techniques and assessment procedures and a CD containing printable assessment forms and materials, record sheets, example teaching resources.

The handbook is printed in full colour with clearly identified sections and wiro-bound for regular use and easy reference. The two DVDs and CD are supplied in a plastic storage case together with the handbook.


The contents of the handbook include:

  1. Introducing the reading and language intervention
    • Introduction
    • The reading and language intervention
    • Getting started
  2. About Down syndrome
    • About Down syndrome
    • Language and reading development
  3. Reading strand
    • Introduction
    • Initial reading skills assessment
    • Running records
    • Book grading and selection
    • Teaching book reading
    • Teaching sight word reading
    • Teaching letters, sounds and phonology
    • Teaching beginning readers
  4. The language strand
    • Introducing the language strand
    • Planning your own language teaching sessions
    • Teaching vocabulary
    • Teaching expressive language
  5. Planning, assessments and record keeping
    • Planning, assessments and record keeping
  6. General guidance
    • General teaching guidelines
    • Home and school collaboration
  7. The evaluation study
    • Evaluating the intervention
    • Feedback from teaching assistants and parents
  8. References and glossary
    • References
    • Glossary

How to buy

The handbook is available direct from DSE via our online stores in the UK and in the US.

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