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Perspectives and opinions from our editorial staff and guest editors.

Wrongful deaths and rightful lives – screening for Down syndrome

In this Editorial from Volume 12, Issue 2 of Down Syndrome Research and Practice, Frank Buckley and Sue Buckley present an analysis of current prenatal screening for Down syndrome in England and Wales. They note that the vast majority of screen-positive results are false, yet encourage invasive diagnostic procedures that pose additional risks to unborn babies. Although prenatal diagnoses are becoming more frequent, more babies with Down syndrome are being born (up 25% over 15 years).

New and old directions

In this Editorial from Volume 12, Issue 1 of Down Syndrome Research and Practice, Frank Buckley outlines the ways in which the journal has been re-launched and expanded to effectively communicate research to specialists and non-specialists, families, practitioners and researchers alike, in order to help bring about future improvements in the lives of people with Down syndrome.

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