A letter from Stuart

A letter from 15 year old Stuart Campbell, who tells us about his hobbies, his role as 'best man' at his brother's wedding, and his recent exam results.

Campbell, S. (2002) A letter from Stuart. Down Syndrome News and Update, 2(3), 109-109. doi:10.3104/dsupdate.186

A photo of Stuart with his exam certificate

Stuart Campbell

Hi there

I am Stuart Campbell, and I am 15 years old.

I live with my parents at Ayrshire, Scotland.

There are five of us in the family and I am the youngest, but all the others have grown up and left home. We were all away to France for our family holiday, including sisters in law and nieces and nephew, twelve in all. It was a good holiday, especially the cycling.

My hobbies are listening to music, for example S-club Seven and Top of the Pops, watching videos like Shrek, Cats, Joseph and the AmazTechnicolour Dream Coat and Chicken Run. I also go cycling, swimming, drama, I would like to be in a really good drama club.

I go to Loudoun Academy in Galston and I get there by a minibus which picks me up at my house with our neighbours. I am in fifth year. My subjects are Art, English, Maths, Home economics, Technical and PE.

I love them all.

I used to be in a chess club for playing chess, a maths club and I still go to a Scripture Union group for learning about the Bible.

This is such an eventful year for me, first of all I was at my brothers wedding, I was the "best man." I felt very excited. I made up a speech and told them I was "over the moon" when I was asked to be best man. There were funny bits which made them laugh. After the meal there was Scottish dancing, a ceilidh.

A photo of Stuart at his brother's webbing

Stuart as best man at his brother's wedding



French and Science - 3!!

English and Home economics - 4

Geography and Maths - 5

A photo of Stuart with his exam certificate

Stuart with his exam certificate

I was expecting these but everyone else was amazed and astounded!!

On the 5th September 2002 I became a PREFECT. There was a meeting for those who wanted to become prefects two weeks ago I was there because Mrs Hunter my Guidance teacher encouraged me to come.

And finally I am going to be baptised soon as I am a Christian, and that's what we do in the Church I go to.