New online course now available: Improving speech and language development for children and young people with Down syndrome

This new online course provides in-depth guidance on evidence-based speech and language therapy, offering practical recommendations and strategies based on a detailed review of the scientific research into speech, language and working memory development for children and young people with Down syndrome.

Designed for speech and language therapists/pathologists working with young people with Down syndrome, the course offers comprehensive practical guidance for assessment and planning, developing communication, vocabulary, grammar and speech from the early steps in infancy through to early adulthood. The course will also be of interest to educators and parents seeking a detailed understanding of speech and language development and intervention for young people with Down syndrome.

The course was developed and is led online by Professor Sue Buckley OBE, a leading researcher, experienced practitioner and parent of a person with Down syndrome.

Commenting on the course, Sue said:

" Communication is fundamental to our life as individuals, family members, students and members of society. This course reviews over 200 recent scientific studies and draws out the practical implications for improving speech and language development for young people with Down syndrome. The evidence indicates that interventions for both speech and language should start in the first year of life, be intensive and continue to adult years. It is also clear that if we want to help each individual with Down syndrome to achieve their best spoken language it must be a team effort with therapists working closely with parents and teachers to achieve the maximum impact on the children's language learning opportunities. "

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Photograph of a young child with Down syndrome looking at a sound prompt card.

Praise for our existing courses:

" The information contained in your class is exactly the type of information Speech Language Pathologists are looking for… Thank you again for a wonderful course " (Speech Language Pathologist, USA)

" Many thanks for such an awesome, well presented, very informative course. All 10 modules have been very interesting and delivered in a most positive and professional manner by Sue. There was a great balance of research and real life stories bringing an in-depth meaning to the reality of Down syndrome. " (Early Intervention Teacher, New Zealand)