Professor Sue Buckley receives Education Award from National Down Syndrome Congress

Sue Buckley with NDSC President Marilyn Tolbert and Executive Director David Tolleson

DSE's Director of Science and Research, Professor Sue Buckley OBE, has been presented with the National Down Syndrome Congress' Education Award for her work improving education for children with Down syndrome.

Professor Sue Buckley OBE was presented with the National Down Syndrome Congress' Education Award "for improving the lives of children with Down syndrome by developing innovative research-based education techniques."

The award was presented at the Opening Plenary Session of the National Down Syndrome Congress' 44th Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Presenting the award, NDSC's President, Marilyn Tolbert, recognized Sue's distinguished career serving people with Down syndrome and their families worldwide through research and support services, including the earliest research showing children with Down syndrome could learn to read and - more recently - the first randomized controlled trial of an educational intervention designed for children with Down syndrome.

Sue was an invited keynote speaker at the NDSC Convention and Educators' Conference, and an invited speaker at the meeting of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group preceding the convention.

Accepting the award, Sue spoke of the importance of expanding educational research at a time of limited funding and alternative research priorities - noting how it was one of only a few areas of scientific research with a track record of delivering sustained benefits for young people with Down syndrome today.

Sue also called renewed efforts to campaign for genuine full inclusion in all aspects of life for people with Down syndrome - insisting it is a fundamental human right to be accepted and supported as a fully participating member of our communities, and calling for action to tackle the wide variation in educational provision and services seen across the US.

Sue Buckley is also a previous recipient of the National Down Syndrome Congress' Theodore D Tjossen Research Award (2005). Sue was awarded an OBE for her services to special needs education in the Queen's 2004 Birthday Honours List.