Supplying European clients after Brexit

Following the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, we are continuing to supply clients throughout Europe.

We currently ship our teaching materials and books from the UK to families and professionals throughout Europe. Since the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, there have been some changes to how cross-border supplies are handled.

We have been receiving many enquiries, and so have put together some guidance with answers to the most common questions. We will keep this page updated if anything changes.

Are you still supplying clients in EU countries?

Yes. We continue to supply teaching materials and books to clients around the world, including throughout the European Union.

Clients throughout Europe can order from our online store .

Picture of a See and Learn Sentences 1 kit

Do clients in EU countries now pay tariffs?

No. There are no tariffs applying to printed materials supplied from the UK to clients in the EU.

Do clients in EU countries now pay more VAT?

It depends on your local VAT arrangements. When the UK was a member of the EU, VAT was charged on cross-border supplied at UK VAT rates. Now that the UK is no longer an EU member, we are not required to charge VAT on exports from the UK to European clients.

However, most countries aim to collect VAT on imports. So, while clients in EU countries are no longer charged VAT by us, they may be asked to pay VAT by their local tax authorities as the goods enter their country.

All countries are evolving their tax laws as cross-border and online trade continues to grow. While we are not currently required to collect VAT for other governments, this may change in the future. We will keep this page updated if the situation changes.

Have delivery charges increased?

Unfortunately, yes. With increased reporting and paperwork requirements, and the additional complication of handling VAT charges as goods cross borders, all delivery companies have increased their charges this year.

Can you accept purchase orders from EU schools, health authorities or charities?

We do not accept purchase orders. However, we can provide quotations and accept bank transfers from organizations unable to purchase online with a payment card.

Further information

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