Down syndrome births and population trends

This project is a unique collaboration with colleagues and partners around the world that aims to monitor population trends around the world.

Estimating the numbers of people with Down syndrome living today and understanding trends in births and populations is important for planning healthcare, education and other services for people with Down syndrome. Working with partners in The Netherlands and the USA, and with colleagues around the world, this project has estimated current populations and birth trends in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe.

The project continues to update estimates, monitor trends and explore factors influencing populations of people with Down syndrome around the world.

Project team

  • Gert de Graaf, Dutch Down Syndrome Foundation, Meppel, The Netherlands
  • Brian Skotko, Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
  • Frank Buckley, Down Syndrome Education International


  • Down Syndrome Australia
  • European Down Syndrome Association