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About Down Syndrome Education Online

Down Syndrome Education Online offers a comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date range of information, resources and services for families, practitioners and researchers caring for, supporting and investigating Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Education Online is published by Down Syndrome Education International, a leading international charity dedicated to advancing the understanding of effective ways of help the development and education of people with Down syndrome.


Down Syndrome Education Online publishes articles, books and resources covering all areas of development, education and health for people with Down syndrome.


Down Syndrome Education Online publishes information for everyone involved in the care and support of people with Down syndrome, including families, teachers, speech and language therapists, psychologists, doctors, researchers, support groups and associations.


Down Syndrome Education Online only publishes reliable, evidence-based information and advice. Research papers (Reports, Case Studies, Reviews) are published in the leading Down syndrome journal - Down Syndrome Research and Practice - and are subject to peer review prior to publication. All other content is subject to expert internal editorial review.

Many of the articles and books published on Down Syndrome Education Online are written by leading experts in many areas of the development, health and education of people with Down syndrome.


Many of the articles and books published on Down Syndrome Education Online are published with a flexible Open Access licence so that individuals, support groups and associations can freely reproduce content with appropriate acknowledgements.


New from DSE: See and Learn Speech

See and Learn Speech is designed to help parents and educators support children with Down syndrome to develop clearer speech.

See and Learn Speech offers a structured approach to support speech development, working in small steps towards clearer speech production.

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